for the daily care of hair and scalp of every man

Cleopatra secret cs2 formula for the daily care of hair and scalp of every man

Even men can benefit from the beauty secrets of Cleopatra. If you think back, it was affluent rulers who devoted themselves in ancient times to lavish beauty rituals in steam baths. At that time, personal hygiene had a very high status and was considered indispensable. The great pharaohs went to their tombs with the precious salves and fragrant oils that cared for and relaxed even the most powerful men in their day. 

Thick, kempt hair has always been a matter of pride for every man. It represents virility and strength. Even today's man likes to care lavishly for himself. The Ewald family has devoted one of their own hair-cosmetic lines to him, tailored especially to the requirements of men's hair.

The prof. cehko care range for men refreshes and invigorates the scalp with menthol, well known for its effects in stimulating the circulation. Hair-loss is prevented using caffeine and nicotinamide. In this way, the cs2 formula developed by our own team of researchers is supplemented with invigorating and hair-retaining ingredients, which are particularly essential for caring for men's hair and scalps. 

The prof. cehko cs2 formula cares for hair from the roots, with high-quality ingredients such as aloe vera, nigella oil, wheat protein and coconut. Their natural effects keep the hair shiny and luxuriant. Aloe vera provides valuable moisture, nigella oil with biotin accelerates the formation of keratin, beta-carotene is converted in the body into Vitamin A and supports cell renewal. Folic acid and selenium promote hair growth. Wheat protein smooths dull, porous hair and gives it a new shine. Coconut gently cares for and relaxes the scalp. 

With the launch of the prof. cehko luxury hair cosmetics line, the Ewald family brings you the secret to beautiful hair and translates the secrets of the pharaohs into the modern era. This is a premium hair cosmetics range created for the salon, designed for the special needs of different hair types. 

prof. cehko – know-how for care and beauty!

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