Intensive care for bright colours or silky, shimmering blond in all its aspects



Whether it's bright colours or silky, shimmering blond in all its aspects from platinum to gold - because the scaly layer of the hair is opened during the colouring and lighting procedures in order to transport the pigments to its interior, coloured and lightened hair requires intensive care. Experts are aware that such processes stress the hair. The new prof. cehko care range from Ewald for coloured and lightened hair contains the cs2 formula, that we have developed, which is based on the interplay of high-quality ingredients: aloe vera, nigella, wheat protein and coconut. Thus coloured and lightened hair is sustainably regenerated and cared for, the hair colour is sealed in, and tangles are reduced. Blonde hair in particular catches the eye with its captivating shine and radiance. Everyone knows that only healthy blonde hair can achieve this effect. Using the prof. cehko care range, lightened hair is gently cared for and provided with all the necessary nutrients to be gorgeously captivating.

In the prof. cehko care range for coloured and lightened hair, the products have been additionally enriched with a UV filter and walnut extract. This reduces the loss of hair colour and the hair permanently retains its enchanting shine.

Aloe vera provides the hair with a necessary helping of moisture. Nigella oil helps strengthen the hair structure and protects against damaging environmental effects. Wheat protein strengthens the hair from the inside and helps to build up a healthy structure. The mild coconut tensides are particularly gentle on the scalp and reduce the washing out of colour pigments.

With the launch of the prof. cehko luxury hair cosmetics line, the Ewald family brings you the secret to beautiful hair and translates the secrets of the pharaohs into the modern era. This is a premium hair cosmetics range created for the salon, designed for the special needs of different hair types.

prof. cehko - know-how for care and beauty!


#3-2 special shampoo extra blond pH 4.5 - 5.5

Special shampoo for hair dyed blonde and light colours.Fights yellowness - Reliably removes yellowness from lightened hairand provides shine and vitality to grey hair.

#3-6 special mask posh blond pH 3.0 - 4.0

Special mask for hair dyed blonde and light colours.This mask, with its special anti-yellow formula, reliably removes yellowness and sustainably helps builds upthe hair structure. 

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