Strength and bounce for permed hair

Strength and bounce for permed hair with Cleopatra secret cs2 formula

Bouncy, captivatingly shiny locks  that softly frame the face really attract attention. It’s the best thing any hairdresser can achieve. Ensuring that hair is always cared for when doing a perm is a top priority. It is essential after restructuring for hair to gain strength and maintain its bounce. While a lot has changed with perms since they first became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, the chemical procedure is still nonetheless an endurance test for the hair. 

The cs2 formula is based on a combination of ingredients including aloe vera, wheat protein, coconut and black cumin seed oil. In the professional cehko hair cosmetics range for permed hair, it has been enriched with premium almond protein for strengthening the hair structure. Almond protein is very similar to hair keratin and is an important building block for care, especially for hair that has become porous after permanent wave treatment. With regular use, it leaves hair bouncier, cared for, elastic and smooth. The special formula is highly astringent, giving hair a magnificent shine. This allows chemically reshaped hair to stay healthy and beautiful over time, with captivating volume and bounce. 

The prof. cehko cs2 formula contains premium ingredients sourced from nature. Aloe vera gives hair an extra boost of moisture and greater elasticity; black cumin seed oil delivers essential nutrients such as biotin, beta-carotene, folic acid and selenium; wheat protein smoothes hair that has become porous and dull while providing it with effective protection against damage; coconut cares gently for hair and scalp and relaxes the scalp. 

With the launch of the prof. cehko luxury hair cosmetics line, the Ewald family brings you the secret to beautiful hair and translates the secrets of the pharaohs into the modern era. This is a premium hair cosmetics range created for the salon, designed for the special needs of different hair types. 

prof. cehko – know-how for care and beauty!

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