‘A festive plait!’ 

International Artistic Director Tom Kroboth of A. Ewald Friseurhaus on the hottest hairstyling trends at Oktoberfest 2015

Oktoberfest draws thousands of visitors to Munich every year at the end of September for the world’s biggest folk festival. And these days, women are expected to ‘put on their finest!’ But it takes more than just a fetching dirndl – you definitely need the right hairstyle to make the best impression at Oktoberfest.

Hair artist Tom Kroboth reveals how to transform the dirndl and hairstyle into a complete work of art with a hair look for the upcoming Oktoberfest season that is both glamorous and fun. He gives us a completely new and modern interpretation of the traditional, classic Oktoberfest style, the side-parted, plaited ponytail:

”This year, Oktoberfest will be colourful, very feminine yet unconventional. Soft pastel tones and expressive neon colours define the look. This has also inspired me to enhance our plait with gentle shades of peach and rosé, which liven up the golden blonde a lot while giving it a sophisticated, modern look. The hair has a touch of the 90s and the more courageous women will dare to wear it with a white-blonde undercut and a pinned-on plait. The layered haircut is perfect for many styling variations and is easy to blow dry yourself.

To give hair some hold while blow drying, I worked in some c:ehko styling mousse at the roots, since it will need stamina and endurance at Oktoberfest.

A medium round brush is used to give hair bounce and volume. The hair at the top of the head is lightly teased with a large brush and styled with the fingers. My tip for finishing is to set with hairspray and put a bit of c:ehko Gel Wax on your fingertips beforehand – this makes styling easier and gives an attractive shine. Then tie the hair first on the top of your head and then at the neck with a hair elastic into a side ponytail and divide into two. Now take a thin strand of hair from underneath and place it over the other side, alternating from one side to the other. This is how you make a fishtail plait, which you then fasten with a clear hair elastic. Loosen the fishtail plait a little with your fingers to make it look natural. Then loosely entwine the end of the upper ponytail with the lower one and fasten with hairpins. Finally, you can put the lower part of the fishtail plait up or tuck it in and secure with hairpins.

My secret tip for those who don’t want to colour their hair for Oktoberfest: attach two extensions in different yet harmonising shades to the lower ponytail – this gives you nearly the same result!” 

© Photo Credit: PR Sugar GmbH