Straightening and Shine for Long, Beautiful Hair 

The Anti-Frizz cs2 formula, specially developed by the Ewald family for the hair cosmetics line for long, beautiful hair, straightens out waves and leaves hair looking silky-soft and well cared for.The hair is easy to detangle and easy to comb. It flows softly and gently, and shines with a healthy brilliance. The Anti-Frizz formula was specially developed by prof. cehko cs2 formula and enriched with even more aloe vera, which smooths roughened hair structures and leaves hair bouncy and silky-soft to the touch. Aloe vera also keeps moisture in and soothes the hair and scalp. Natural shine is restored to the hair surface and the scalp is relaxed. Vitamins and trace elements from premium black cumin seed oil and wheat protein increase elasticity and bounce, replenishing porous hair with essential nutrients. Coconut provides gentle care and is well tolerated. White tea works as a natural UV filter to prevent hair from drying out from the sun's rays.

The premium prof. cehko care range for long, vibrant hair makes the daily hairstyling routine a true pleasure. With the launch of the prof. cehko luxury hair cosmetics line, the Ewald family brings you the secret to beautiful hair and translates the secrets of the pharaohs into the modern era. This is a premium hair cosmetics range created for the salon, designed for the special needs of different hair types.


prof. cehko - know-how for care and beauty!


#4-1 shampoo long & thick hair silk

pH 4,5 - 5,5

Shampoo for long, difficult-to-manage hair. For the daily cleansing of difficult-to-manage and frizzy hair. Contains black cumin oil, wheat protein and aloe vera. The premium formula with aloe vera protects your hair from dryness and optimises the hair's moisture balance.

#4-4 special conditioner long hair restrain

pH 4,5 - 5,5

Special conditioner for extra care and moisture for long, difficult-to-manage hair. For the daily care of difficult-to-manage hair. Aloe vera gives hair the ideal moisture balance, elasticity and bounce. Wheat protein has an anti-static effect and is an optimal frizz control aid. The surface of the hair becomes smooth. Black cumin oil protects the hair from environmental damage.

#4-5 mask long hair restrain

pH 4,5 - 5,5

Strengthening mask for long, difficult-to-manage hair. Aloe vera, wheat protein and black cumin oil give hair the optimal cocktail of nutrients and leave it feeling silky and soft.

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