The new COLORCODES collection by C:EHKO. 

The new COLORCODES collection by C:EHKO is all about colour.

 Inspired by barcodes, the colours are lined up against each other in a row. From strong, bold colours to natural shades, this colour technique gives brilliance to every look and conjures up a fireworks show of glittering colours in every haircut. Depending on the desired result, this technique can be subtly coloured into the structure of the hair or boldly coloured from the roots into the look. This hair colour brings out the look of every wearer and is quick and easy to use in the salon. International Artistic Director Tom Kroboth, Assistant Artistic Director Sascha Rohn and Ula Bors have shown their full dedication in creating sophisticated, fascinating and striking hairstyles. The images taken by photographer Andra illustrate the art of hairstyling and attention to detail.