Volume and Care for Fine Hair

A thick, voluminous mane is the dream of every woman with fine hair. Unfortunately, fine hair often appears weak and limp on the head, even when it is healthy. Constant washing and complicated styling damage the hair over time. People with fine hair do not have fewer hairs; the hair strand is simply finer than a normal hair. With blond hair in particular, the diameter of the individual strands is somewhat smaller. To address this type of hair, prof.cehko has developed a Volume and Care range that builds and reinforces it from the inside out, giving it new strength.

Minerals and vitamins from pure beer give hair fullness and volume. Beer has long been used as a household hair care product and has natural enhancing properties. The special cs2 formula, based on premium ingredients such as aloe vera, black cumin, wheat protein and coconut, has been enriched for the prof. cehko Volume and Care range for fine hair with plant extracts from rice germ, which have a high biotin content. The hair shaft is revitalised and reinforced. Each hair strand becomes thicker so that all of the hair has more volume and appears fuller.

The new combination of ingredients also protects against moisture loss, giving fine hair an intense shine. The extra care also leaves hair easier to comb. Guarana extract, with its high caffeine content, freshens and revitalises the scalp and promotes circulation. This supports the hair’s natural growth.

With the prof. cehko Volume and Care range for fine hair, prof. cehko gives fine, limp hair everything it needs for renewed bounce and volume. For healthy hair with fullness and shine that looks its best and just feels good to the touch.

With the launch of the prof. cehko luxury hair cosmetics line, the Ewald family brings you the secret to beautiful hair and translates the secrets of the pharaohs into the modern era. This is a premium hair cosmetics range created for the salon, designed for the special needs of different hair types. 

prof. cehko – know-how for care and beauty! 

#5-2 special shampoo volume
pH 4,5 – 5,5

Special shampoo for fine hair. Strengthens fine and normal hair with vitamins + dextrins extracted from pure beer. Leaves hair noticeably fuller. Black cumin oil, wheat protein and aloe vera nourish hair and give it a natural shine.

#5-4 special conditioner volume care pH 3,5 – 4,5

Special conditioner for fine hair. Daily care for ne hair. Conditioner contains guarana extract for refreshing and reviving the scalp. Black cumin oil, aloe vera and rice extract nourish the hair. Special formula with amino acids and wheat protein help hair look healthy and give it natural volume.

#5-6 special mask deep volume care pH 4,5 – 5,5

Special mask for fine hair. Rice germ extract helps smooth the hair surface and delivers natural protein to hair. Black cumin oil and aloe vera nourish the hair with vitamins and moisture. Gives hair more volume without weighing it down. 

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