prof. cehko

CLEOPATRA SECRET - HAIR CARE COLLECTION! The new and superior hair care product range prof. cehko.

Energy Care

C:EHKO ENERGY stands for concentrated, versatile products that meet the high demands on modern hair care. All formulations contain highly active ingredients as well as valuable natural components.


c:ehko color - Colors full of brilliance and shine - gentle on hair & scalp


Permanent styling for ultimate fashion looks. Up to 100%* straightening and gloss effects that last 6-8 months


Clear, direct, elegant and with an advanced formula – this is how the new product line of the renowned, salon-exclusive brand is being showcased.


Bright and charismatic eyes for weeks.


C:EHKO Hair tonic The revitalizing intensive serum effectively reduces hair loss and has been proven to stimulate the production of new hair.