N – for normal hair
F – for hair difficult to curl

C:EHKO PERM LOTION has been specially formulated to give superior waving and curling results. The product creates visible volume, sculpts pleasant waves or shapes lively, bouncy curls. A regulating thickener ensures good adherence during application. The polysiloxane complex contained in the lotion und valuable proteins have activating, protecting and nourishing effects:   

  • activating due to better penetration.
  • protecting due to special active substances that prevent the hair from curling in wet weather.   
  • nourishing due to conditioning substances that deliver moisture and smooth the  surface of the hair. The hair is left easily manageable and has a natural, well-groomed appearance.

C:EHKO Perm Lotion gives a completely new feeling of advanced perming and stresses the hair noticeably less than conventional perms.

Available in

1000 ml