thermo wave 



c:ehko thermo wave  is a unique thermal perm which allows you to gently give natural curls and permanent waves to normal hair and hair which is difficult to curl. Almond protein strengthens the hair and provides elasticity and bounce. A pleasant warmth envelopes your head during the application and while the liquid is soaking in. A thermal reaction takes place when the activator is added to the base lotion. The heat ensures intensive contact of the active agents and care agents with the hair. There is no need to apply external heat and so THERMO WAVE helps to save energy.  THERMO WAVE is applied in the form of warm foam using the foam applicator supplied with the perm agent. This prevents dripping and allows for better adhesion.

Contents of package:
• basis lotion "sensitive or intensive" with almond protein, 57 ml e
• Activator, 18 ml e
• Ready-to-use fixing lotion, 75 ml e
• Foam applicator
• Plastic cap
• Instructions for use