Natural help for hair loss

More Energy. Hair by hair.

Strong, thick and healthy hair noticeably improves a person’s well-being. For this reason we have developed C:EHKO HAIR TONIC through many years of pioneering research. The revitalizing intensive serum effectively reduces hair loss and has been proven to stimulate the production of new hair, even in people whose hair thickness has reduced by up to 80 per cent. 

C:EHKO HAIR TONIC visibly strengthens the structure of the hair, giving brittle and weak hair new fullness as well as noticeably invigorating the scalp. Irritations are reduced and the blood circulation is improved. This specifically aids the cell metabolism so that the high content of active substances can be better absorbed and transmitted by the hair root. For more resistant hair with a healthy shine.

The C:EHKO formula for treating hair loss
Whether it is stress, hormonal changes or medical treatments, the causes of hair loss are many and varied. C:EHKO HAIR TONIC treats hair loss directly at the root – gently and effectively. In close interaction, Biotin, Birch Extract and Bisabolol regulate the scalp’s sebum production, while soothing it and combating inflammation.

Results that speak for themselves
Independent tests carried out by an external expert have revealed impressive evidence for the effectiveness of C:EHKO HAIR TONIC. 38 people were observed over a six month period; with 61 percent of them having noticed a visible reduction in hair loss. More than 70 percent confirmed a noticeable production of new hair, and 56 percent of the test persons reported increased hair shine.

To sum up:
C:EHKO HAIR TONIC has been proven to reduce hair loss and intensively promote the production of new hair – and thus improves the user’s quality of life.

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