#1 healthier hair and scalp 

cleopatra secret - csformula

Strengthens and moisturizes normal to dry brittle hair

For everyday regular care in maintaining and strengthening a healthy hair structure and balanced scalp. Hair becomes smooth and shines with a natural brilliance. The cs2 formula with wheat protein, black cumin oil and aloe vera treats and adorns the hair structure, giving it moisture and helps permanently rebuild the hair Fibre leaving the scalp with a invigorating fresh clean feeling.

#1-1 shampoo normal hair daily use

Daily care and cleansing for healthy hair and scalp.

#1-2 special shampoo deep moisture

Daily cleansing for dry and damaged hair.

#1-3 conditioner normal hair

For a silky, shimmering shine and strengthened hair structure.

#1-9 spray thermo protection

Conditioning ingredients coat the hair and smoothen it for optimal heat protection while blow drying or using a straightening iron.