#3 blond and bleached hair 

cleopatra secret - cs2 formula

Structure and protection for colored and bleached hair.

The cs2 formula in this range is enriched with a UV filter and walnut extract.

This induces reduced fading in colour treated hair and helps hair maintain its shine. Aloe vera restores moisture to the hair fibre. Black cumin oil helps strengthen the hair structure to protect it from environmental damage. Specially developed for decolorized, bleached lightened hair, the ‘special shampoo extra blond’ and ‘special mask posh blond’ effectively prevent yellowing for a long-lasting, premium blonde shades.

#3-1 shampoo color & shine stable

Gentle cleansing with coconut surfactants for coloured hair.

#3-2 special shampoo extra blond

Reliably removes yellow tones from bleached hair and gives grey hair shine and vitality.

#3-3 conditioner color & shine

Especially suitable for lightened and bleached hair.

#3-4.1 special conditioner color lock leave in

The special conditioner smoothes hair, leaving it easier to comb and giving it a silky shine.

#3-4.2 special conditioner color lock rinse off

Special conditioner for maintaining all fashion colours, especially suitable for red, copper, brown and violet shades.

#3-5 mask color power

This mask helps strengthen coloured hair over time.

#3-6 special mask posh blond

The mask has a special anti-yellowing formula that reliably removes yellow tones and helps strengthen the hair structure over time.

#3-7-P serum color power leave in

Serum color power with green walnut extract gives hair a new shine.

#3-7-B serum blond booster leave in

Serum blond booster is a highly effective combination of vitamin H, F, E and caffeine.

#3-9-B hair oil color brilliance rinse off

Elixir for regenerating tired, dull hair colour.

#3-9-S spray color shine leave in

For the long-lasting care of coloured hair.