#5 fine hair 


Volume and care for fine hair.

Revives fine and limp lifeless hair. Minerals and vitamins from pure beer give the hair fullness and volume. The cs2 formula is enriched with plant extracts from rice germ, which has a high biotin content. The hair shaft is revived and strengthened.

Each hair strand becomes thicker, and fuller leaving the hair feeling and looking volumous. The new combination of ingredients protects from luck of moisture and leaves hair noticeably easier to comb. Guarana extract with its high caffeine content has a refreshing and revitalising effect on the scalp and induces the circulation by stimulating.

#5-2 special shampoo volume

Strengthens fine and normal hair with vitamins + dextrins extracted from pure beer.

#5-6 special mask deep volume care

Rice germ extract helps smooth the hair surface and delivers natural protein to hair.

#5-7 serum volume booster leave in

The ingredient complex is optimally adapted to fine hair, giving it volume and a natural shine.