#6-4.1 special conditioner permed curl splendor leave in 


Special conditioner for regulating the pH value after all straightening, lightening and bleaching treatments

pH 2,7-3,3 (undiluted)
pH 3,5-4,5 (diluted with water 1:50)

With almond protein, black cumin oil and aloe vera. This conditioner smoothes the hair, leaving it easier to comb and with a silky shine. Restores the natural pH value of hair and scalp. 


Available in

1000 ml

Combine 10 ml of conditioner with ½ litre of warm water, then pour over well rinsed, towel-dried hair. One-time application. Do not rinse.


ingredients - cleopatra's secret


Black cumin - Nourishment

Daily nourishment for a healthy hair structure.

Aloe Vera - Moisture

Natural moisture for more bounce.


Almond protein

protects and reinforces the hair structure and makes dry
and wet hair easier to comb.

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