#4 long, strong hair 


Smoothness and shine for difficult-to-manage hair.

The Anti-Frizz cs2 formula, especially rich in aloe vera, smooths and adds moisture to uncontrollable difficult-to-manage hair by soothing the cuticle, leaving the hair with a natural strength, silky feeling and lush brilliance.

Vitamins and trace elements from black cumin oil and wheat protein induce hair flexibility and smoothness. White tea works as a natural UV filter to keep hair from dehydrating from sun exposure.

#4-1 shampoo long & thick hair silk

For the daily cleansing of difficult-to-manage and frizzy hair.

#4-3 conditioner long & thick hair leave in

LEAVE IN can be used daily to restore the optimal balance of the hair structure.

#4-4 special conditioner long hair restrain

For the daily care of difficult-to-manage hair.

#4-5 mask long hair restrain

Aloe vera, wheat protein and black cumin oil give hair the optimal cocktail of nutrients and leave it feeling silky and soft.

#4-8 shampoo rich moisture cleopatra beauty

This shampoo has a high level of moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera and gentle coconut surfactants, making it especially suitable for difficult-to-manage, dry hair.

#4-9 balm cleopatra secret leave in

Cleopatra secret balm is the repair treatment with anti-frizz formula for all damaged hair types.